A Wardrobe Make-Over For Moms

Have you looked in the mirror lately and have said to yourself, “I need a makeover?” But between working, chasing the children, and maintaining the house, who has time for shopping through retail racks at the mall? In fact, many active women don’t realize that they can save a lot of time and money by shopping online when the children nap or in between loads of laundry. Shopping online can also become much more efficient when you know what you are looking for. Here are five tips that will teach you how to upgrade your basic pieces and active wear that will give you’re on the move mom look an instant wardrobe make-over.


Tip #1

Trade in baggy sweatshirts for a streamlined hoodie. Yes, even active wear can be stylish! Many hoodies have ruching added to the waist and darting throughout their design to give your figure some shape and structure, rather than hiding it in bulky sweatshirts. They also have a zip front feature and stretchy material that will move with your body and mold your shape. These hoodies and active wear tops will keep you looking stylish, yet feeling comfortable as you lounge around the house with the family, run out to the store, or walk out and about your neighborhood!

Tip #2

Choose the right neckline for your figure. Believe it or not, there is a science behind selecting a t-shirt, instead of throwing any old one on! Certain necklines on tops can make you can look like a million bucks (without breaking the bank). Scoop necks complement small bust lines, while V-necks provide balance to pear shaped figures. Wide crew necks and slit V-necks look best on large busts because they provide ample coverage and support.

Tip #3

Add a scarf to you t-shirt, tank top, or active wear. Scarves have the power to pull together any look, instantly making you look polished, whether you are wearing jeans, lounge pants, or leggings. The best thing about a scarf (besides being super soft) is that is can be tied in dozens of ways, making your outfit look fresh and new, again and again! It is one accessory worth investing in because you can use it throughout all seasons and in multiple ways.

Tip #4

Trade in your stained and worn out lounge shirts (who cares if no one sees them!) for something soft, stretchy, and stylish. There are a number of lounge tops that have interesting visual designs like asymmetrical necklines, off the shoulder designs, and bold and bright colors which are perfect for layering and pairing tanks underneath. The great thing about active wear is that you can wear it to the gym, to the grocery store, gardening, and while playing with the kids in the yard; so you will get maximum use from upgrading to this one item.

Tip #5

Kiss traditional sweatpants goodbye! If you want to make over your look, then sweatpants should be the first thing to go. They do nothing for your figure and tend to make women look heavier than they are. Black leggings or yoga pants are still comfortable but look fab when worn with a slouchy pull over or a contoured tank or tee. There are many different fits of active wear bottoms, so don’t get discouraged if you try on a pair that doesn’t flatter your form at first. Many modern moms report that they look and feel best when wearing a stretchy but structured pair of boot cut tie front yoga pants since they help shape your figure and have a fit but flare design.

You don’t need a lot of time or a lot of money to make over your active lifestyle look. The little details make all the difference when shopping in stores and online. Consider the five tips above to trade in your usual items for something fresh, new, but most importantly versatile and comfortable!


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