How to Create a Look for a Mom on the Go

As a mom, you wear many hats. You are a daughter, wife, friend, “maid”, grocery shopper, pet trainer (need I go on?)! From the moment you rise, you have to be prepared for whatever your day throws your way, on top of whatever you already have planned. You don’t have time to fuss in the mirror with your outfit. Instead, you need to piece together a no fail look that will help you remain comfortable as you go out and about but also look chic while doing so. Here is how to create a look for the mom on the go, wherever you go; all day long!


First, begin creating your outfit by slipping on a pair of black leggings. They will move with your body (as you mop the floor, unload groceries from the car, tie shoes, and while shopping with the ladies) and look completely stylish and chic when you pair them with a great pair of printed, plain, or embellished flats. Flats also help your ensemble remain completely comfortable as active moms know being on their feet all day is tough in heels.

Next, put on a stretchy, simple, scoop neck t-shirt that boasts a longer hemline, making it appropriate to wear under a slouchy pull over or solo with your leggings. It is essential to dress in layers when wearing one outfit, all day long.

Speaking of layers, pull on an asymmetrical neckline, long sleeve shirt to wear during cool morning and later evening temperatures. As you get warm, wrap it around your waist, or pop it in an oversized, cute canvas tote, which is large enough to hold all of your essential beauty items in addition to your grocery list, some snacks for the kids, and even a slouchy scarf to wrap around yourself to “chic”-up your look in an instant.

When it comes to accessorizing, a few simple golden pendants in leveled and layered lengths will polish your casual ensemble, and a pair of gold studded earrings will add some subtle edge to your soft, on the go look.

How could this look work for you? If you are dropping the children off at a Saturday morning soccer practice, you will not look like that mom who threw any old thing on.

Then, while you grocery shop during the practice, you have comfortable clothes and shoes to take you through each aisle in record time. You will have plenty of time to make lunch for the family later in the day since you are already dressed and are already prepared to meet your gal pals for a coffee and biscotti at your town’s bistro before shopping for your parent’s anniversary gift (sound like your typical weekend afternoon?).

Just in the nick of time for family game night, you will be able to swing by the pizza parlor and liquor store (wine goes great with pizza) to pick up dinner, which will be proceeded by a great game of Twister (lucky for you, you are wearing leggings!) before the kids hop in the bathtub and are ready for a bedtime story. Whew! With so much going on, who has time to take on multiple outfit changes? Stick to the suggested items above to ensure a stylish and completely comfortable day, from morning to night!


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