Celebrity Style: Miranda Kerr Style for Under $40



Get this Look!

You don’t have to buy Gucci or Prada to have some celebrity style. In fact, ZeeBee Threads offers a number of high quality pieces that can be combined for a star worthy look. Take this beautiful yet simple look that Miranda Kerr was spotted in. It is so simple, yet elegant. This look can be achieved easily with two simple Zeebee Threads items: the classic rib tank ($14.895) and folded waist capri ($23.95).

Note she also styles the piece with a large over sized bag. The Hogan ($46.95) is a perfect bag to add to this casual yet stylish look.

Want to save even more? Use coupon code: THANKYOU at checkout for an extra 15% off your order!

Why choose ZeeBee Threads?

We scour the marketplace seeking out the highest quality brands, the newest fabrics and the most up-to-date styles while never sacrificing quality.  We only source brands from the same factories where designer merchandise is manufactured.  Each brand and style offered meet the exact quality, fabric and technical specifications of garments priced 2-3 times more.



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